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Mail Boxes Etc. celebrates 30 years as the business partner of SMBs in Italy and Worldwide

Milan, Italy – April 20, 2023: MBE Italy – part of the MBE Worldwide S.p.A. group of companies (“MBE”) since 2009 – is celebrating its 30 year Anniversary. Since opening its first Service Center in Milan, Italy in 1993, MBE Italy has grown to more than 580 Business Solution Centers while the MBE group has grown into a global commerce platform combining a leading e-commerce enabler together with a multi-brand location-based network of over 3,150 Business Solution Centers in 52 countries.

MBE is a leading Global Commerce enabler for SMBs and consumers thanks to its platform providing e-commerce, fulfillment, shipping, marketing and print solutions. MBE’s innovative and entrepreneurial business model, unique selling proposition, and high-quality range of solutions have attracted many entrepreneurs over the years, resulting in an increasing number of countries joining the MBE network. The company attributes its success to its vast range of tailored solutions, specifically designed to meet the needs of SMBs and consumers.

Italy was the pioneering country of the MBE network, with its first Business Solution Center opening in Milan in April 1993. MBE Italy was established by Mr. Graziano Fiorelli and his son Paolo, who developed the business following the successful performance of the MBE concept in the USA.

Over time, MBE acquired the rights to operate the MBE brand in additional countries, including Spain and Germany, then France, Poland, Portugal, and the United Kingdom & Ireland.

An important milestone dates back to 2009, when the Fiorelli family acquired the Mail Boxes Etc. business and brand at worldwide level (except USA and Canada) via MBE Worldwide.

Today MBE Italy celebrates its 30th Anniversary. Graziano Fiorelli, MBE Chairman Emeritus, says: “With my son Paolo we have developed a company with a winning business model, aiming to build that company to a global scale. This result was only made possible through the efforts of our many passionate and talented people.” 

Paolo Fiorelli, MBE Chairman and CEO, states: “My father started this entrepreneurial journey, and I kept building on it. We have always firmly believed that expanding MBE globally would be of paramount significance, and MBE’s results so far have proved us right. Today MBE continues to enable many entrepreneurs to realize their ambitions, as part of a strong and well-established organization in Italy and abroad. Our mission is to support customers in their daily challenges, with tailored solutions and professional service, acting as their flexible engine for growth and development.”.

MBE’s vision is reflected in its #PeoplePossible pay-off, embodying its team’s distinctive ability to respond to continuously changing business needs with courage, tenacity, competence, and a deep passion for customers.