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Angela Sgroi, 20 years of activity with MBE

Angela, looking back – to 23 May 2001 to be exact – can you say your hopes and dreams have come true?
I got the idea to open an MBE Center by visiting a franchising trade fair with my partner. We both worked in logistics, and jumped at the chance to take on an entrepreneurial challenge.
I had always been fascinated by the world of shipping, and the MBE Network offered me the opportunity to work independently while still counting on the support of skilled and competent people.
We opened soon after. At the time, we relied on Area  Franchisee’s support: I owe almost everything I learned in the beginning to Fabio Conti and Corporate management, who were always available to teach us, support us and stimulate our growth.
Of course, we had our difficult times. Some periods were so hard that I almost thought of quitting, but then – borrowing a metaphor from cycling, which is my personal passion – I held on tight and kept going on my way, trusting it would level out after the curve, and knowing a downhill always comes after a climb.
I am constantly rewarded by the trust my clients put in me, and by feeling useful when I am able to find the most fitting solutions for them, whether they are private individuals or businesses.
The passion I feel for my job has certainly been an outstanding trait of mine in the past few years, and has made me proud of the personal and professional growth I’ve achieved.

We know you love sports: how would you describe your journey with MBE if it were a cycling itinerary?
It’s been a journey that, one pedal stroke at a time, led me to discover my limits and face my potential, allowing me to tackle difficult hills as well as lovely plains.

How have clients changed in the past 20 years?
I am lucky to have worked with some clients for many years, some since the first day we opened. Communication channels and needs have definitely changed. Everything is faster, for better or for worse.

Did you ever think you would celebrate 20 years in the business?
Honestly, I went through at least two big crises that made me doubt my journey. The first one in 2005, when I lost my partner. The second one in 2009, when I struggled to find the right motivation to go on. Luckily, my son and cycling helped me find new meaning for everything.

What are your future plans?
Right now, on top of continuing training to always offer the best expertise level possible, I am working to bring together the two worlds I feel most attached to: MBE and cycling. It is not by chance that my MBE Center has been sponsoring an amateur cycling team from Biella’s area for the past few years.

The other big project, of course, is growing the team and celebrating 30 years of activityunto.



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